The Raw Food Diet

So you're interested in feeding your dog a biologically appropriate raw food diet?

There are a lot of myths and bad opinions out there about the diet, so this site has been set up to help people understand raw feeding, and an easy way to get started!

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What is a raw food diet?
A diet consisting of raw meat, bones, offal, fish and eggs. It may or may not contain herbs, fruits and vegetables, depending on personal choice. But for the most part it's raw protein. 

Why feed a raw food diet?
A raw food diet is considered to be a species appropriate diet that brings with it many health benefits, and is the most natural way of feeding. Many holistic veterinarians (like Dr Karen Becker, Nick Thompson, Christopher Day), canine nutritionists and canine enthusiasts all boast of the amazing assets the raw food diet brings for not only dogs but cats and ferrets too.

Lets take a closer look at the canine digestive system...

First of all, a canine has carnivorous teeth to rip and tear meat and crunch bones. They do not produce enzymes in their saliva, and it is mostly water to lubricate their wide esophagus for large pieces of meat and bone to slide down with ease. Take a look inside your dogs mouth, they do not have teeth for 'grinding' plants or munching on wheat.

Next up is their digestive tract. A dogs digestive tract is very short and the average transit time for raw meat should be around 4-8 hours. Quick digestion means a very low risk of bacteria multiplication - and for a reason. Their pH is stomach naturally 1-2, again designed to break down and kill bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli. 

Feeding a dog carbohydrate based foods (kibble and tins), puts a lot of strain on their organs, particularly their pancreas as they do not produce enough of the Amylase enzyme to break down and utilise the carbohydrates, and it can even prevent the uptake of nutrients from the meat.

They also do not produce enough of the cellulase enzyme to break down and utilise plant matter. However, green tripe is a fantastic addition to the diet as it contains already digested plant matter. 

Have a good read through this website to learn more about the raw food diet, and how it can help your pet!

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